Privacy Policy

Sköpunartorg is a collaborative project of Karolina Fund ehf. and the City of Reykjavík and both parties have access to the data and information submitted to Sköpunartorg.

When signing up to Sköpunartorg the user gives their full name, email address, phone number and date of birth. Information about users is used to communicate and collaborate with them on their projects and to advise them according to their wants and needs. The information is also used to understand broadly, whom the platform is reaching and more importantly, whom it is not reaching, so we can develop Sköpunartorg to be inclusive and accessible to creative and driven people of all ages and backgrounds. Date of birth is also used to flag it when children younger than 13 years old sign up, because according to Icelandic law they cannot yet give their informed consent. We will have to contact them and discuss getting their parents’ permission before they can start contributing on the platform. Information about the users of Sköpunartorg will not be given to a third party.

Users are encouraged to upload their photo, but it is not obligatory.

Users of Sköpunartorg are not allowed to use the identity of someone else on the platform, by e.g. using another person’s name, email, phone number or date of birth. The user is responisble for the information they submit being correct, and for the consequences if they are not.

Sköpunartorg treats personal information of registered users according to law 90/2018. This privacy policy here is still a work in progress in this beta version of Sköpunartorg, but the law is the law and we follow it. Users can request information on the treatment of personal data and make demands about how it is handled, according to the III chapter of the aforementioned law. The City of Reykjavík is responsible for the processing of personal data on the platform and decides on its purpose and methods. Users can withdraw their registration on the platform at any time and quit their participation.

Requests regarding the processing of personal information on Sköpunartorg can be sent to Dagbjört Hákonardóttir, City of Reykjavík Data Protection Officer,

Users have a right to send a complaint to the Data Protection Authority (Icelandic: Persónuvernd) if they feel that the law on processing of personal information is not being followed.